Dr. Yvonne Wallace

Dr. Yvonne Wallace


My name is Dr. Yvonne Gillie-Wallace. I am a Clinical Psychologist. I have worked with families, adolescence, and children in the Social Service and Mental Health field for over 35 years. I spent several years in Corporate America before making a life and career change to the Judicial and Law Enforcement field, which was the ‘segue into my current profession. I received my MSA and Doctorate in psychology from the University of Chicago and Argosy University; prospectively. In my semi-retirement status I do contractual psychological evaluations for the Developmentally Delayed population for appropriate services and placement.

I am also an Adjunct Professor at South Suburban College and at Chicago State University where I have the opportunity to teach Social Work and Psychology. I am a resident in the South Suburban area of Chicago. I have two beautiful children, and four grandchildren. I am rooted strongly in my faith in God, and family. When I am not working I believe in enjoying life to the fullest. I have travel to all of the corners of the world, and when I feel I need to re-charge my soul I travel to Israel for a peaceful retreat, and visit with family. I believe that every generation must be “the ladder of support and guidance” for the next generation, and it is my duty to serve in some way. I continue to strive in my live to serve, mentor and support in all of my involvements to ensure that my life is a testament to others.


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