Onquanette Pierce

Onquanette Pierce


Onquanette Pierce is a Principal at Brookwood Middle School. She earned her B.A. degree from Governors State University in Elementary Education. She began her education career in Sunnybrook School District as a teacher. After two years of teaching, she decided to further her education in graduate school. She obtained her M.A. in Educational Leadership from Governors State University. She has been in a leadership role in education since 2005. After a few years in leadership, Onquanette decided to continue her educational journey and work towards her Doctorate Degree specifically in the field of Educational Leadership and Organizational Change through Roosevelt University.

In addition to teacher and leading, she is involved in many realms of community service and mentoring students of diverse backgrounds. In her past time, she loves spending time with her family, watching sports and scrapbooking and most baking. Onquanette recognized the need to change the concept of out of school suspensions for minor offenses and restore the relationships with students, their peers, parents, teachers and administrators.

There was no better way of becoming an expert on this topic other than conducting research on restorative justice. Onquanette is currently writing her dissertation on restorative justice and it’s use in schools. Her main objective is to give back to the youth by assisting with tutoring, providing community service opportunities and exposing our youth to collegial opportunities that is within their reach. Onquanette currently reside in the south suburbs of Chicago with her husband (Founder of Helping Our Minors Excel), four kids and dog.


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