Yolan "Loni" Corners

Yolan "Loni" Corners

Social Media Director

Yolan T. Henry- Corner, also known as Loni, was born on January 22, 1966. Loni has always been a creative, social, and motivational spirit. However, the life altering murder of her daughter and granddaughter forced her to shift her earthly purpose. Since January 24, 2009 Loni has chosen to dedicate all of her time and gifts to an extremely important purpose, Domestic Violence.

As a personal survivor, Loni uses her life experiences to reach, teach, and relate to many people throughout the U.S. Mrs. Henry- Corner writes, blogs, and speaks and is a true community activist. Loni states that her life testimony is to “Keep your faith, in all else that is strange and unknowing to you. Know that the higher power that is within US is what will carry you through all struggles on your journey to your HIGHNESS.”

Loni attended Thornwood High School, South Suburban Community College, and Purdue University Calumet. Loni enjoys spending time with her children and grand children, doing hair, and all things house music. Loni is the Social Media Director for HOME and currently resides in Calumet City Illinois.


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