Sean Bryant

Sean Bryant

2nd Vice President

Sean Bryant is a Chicago native that has been serving his community as a fire fighter for the City of Chicago Fire Department for over fourteen years. Currently Sean Bryant is a Fire Marshall. Throughout his employment Sean has protected the historical Beverly, Morgan Park, and Roseland neighborhoods. Sean states his experiences working in these areas have “garnered a deep sense of civic duty and have motivated him in his role as a safety steward in all areas.”

Always eager to learn more and expand his expertise, Sean ventured to serving one of the world’s busies airports, O’ Hare International. Though rigorous training and the Federal Aviation Administration, (F.A.A.), certification standards awarded him the opportunity to test and qualify for the National Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting, (A.R.F.F). In November of 2014 Sean began his latest chapter as a state certified Fire Investigator. In this role Sean works with municipal, state, and federal agencies to combat arson citywide.

The child of two educators, Sean was raised with the perspective that the people in our communities are an invaluable resource. He recently collaborated on a community garden in Englewood during the summer of 2014. This community garden brought a new perspective to the value of the potentiality, of not only a vacant lot in Englewood, but the potentiality of what a community, with limited resources can do as well. When he isn’t planting strawberries or investigating fires, one of his favorite past times is spinning on the one’s and two’s at his leisure. He’s learned over the years that balancing a career, family and friendships are key to a healthy sense of fulfillment and is committed to share that same zeal with the H.O.M.E. Community.


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